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I Suck At Trout Fishing

I Suck At Trout Fishing I suck at trout fishing. Ask anyone at Honey Hole Angling. Especially Landon. He’ll likely laugh and say “Yeah, Ian gets skunked a lot.” Skunked is an understatement. A more accurate description would be that my success record is worse than TXDOT’s I-35 completion timeline.      Nevertheless, I persist. Mainly because I’m a glutton for punishment. However, like most things in life, failure starts to hurt less the more you press on. A gentleman I worked for once said “You can’t fail forever” and I was like “Sir, you have never seen me trout fish.” He was confused and likely didn’t understand the analogy however I digress. Fly fishing is not easy and it probably never will be. The same goes for work, relationships, managing money, taking care of the sick, standing up for yourself, or finding direction in life.      No one has it perfectly figured out or dialed in and if they say they do they are probably trying to get you to attend some weird conference that costs

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