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Top 10 Trout Flies for Fly Fishing the Guadalupe River

Well, everyone, it seems to be that time again. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and the tube hatch has found itself dormant once again. It’s the time of year when the rest of us begin preparations to stand elbow to elbow on our favorite southern trout fishing stream, the dram... I mean the Guadalupe river. Landon and I (Zach) recently sat down on the Honey Hole Hangout Podcast and discussed our favorite tactics and flies for our great river. So whether you’re looking to take on the river for the first time this year, or looking for some inspiration, look no further than this list. Number 10: Landon- Parachute Adams, Zach - Parachute Adams Parachute Adams Buckle up folks this is just about the only time we actually had the same fly on the same number. Parachute Adams is a classic. There is something special about holding one in your hand as a trout bum. It can be effective in very small doses on the guad (which is why it sits on our number 10 spot) but the

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