Why Your Next Fishing Accessory Should be a Mullet

Why Your Next Fishing Accessory Should be a Mullet

    Summer is right around the corner in Texas. The weather is warming and birds are singing. Unfortunately, most of their songs were recently drowned out by my neighbor using his leaf blower at 6:30am but I digress…..

    Folks are still chasing trout but most of us are looking forward to hotter days casting to feeding reds on the coast. At HHA we prepared a shortlist of items that are essential to success and at the top of the list are mullets.

No, not the annoying fish we mistake for reds, I’m talking about the hairstyle. 

    Besides providing full-time sun protection for your neck, this 80s icon will scare away overzealous flat skiffs, quietly communicating you mean business. A mullet will improve your casting, accuracy and give you the confidence to make that 60-foot hail mary. 

    I understand some have their doubts but growing a Kentucky waterfall will take your game to the next level. You may even land a sponsor. If you’re balding like me, just grow the sides out till they reach the shirt collar (I think they call it a skillet?).

    Anyway, time is short so hit up your local barber or stylist (mullets are for women too) and show the world your dedication.

Tight Lines, 

-Ian Scott


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