Memorial Day

Memorial Day

    Ahh, Memorial Day. A time often filled with BBQs, boating, fishing, and general recreation. It’s a nice break from the dull drums of work, schedules, and general busyness. Most of us will return home with full bellies and a sunburn.

    However, what's most important is remembering those who didn’t make it home. Those who selflessly laid down their lives for our country. Those who committed their safety, security, comfort, and future to something greater than themselves. Those who jumped out of airplanes, helicopters, stormed beaches and ran into certain danger, all the well knowing they would pay the ultimate price. Think about them, their families, and the legacy they left behind.

    This is their day and let us honor all those who were lost with reverence and humbleness knowing without their sacrifice we would not be enjoying the freedom we hold so dearly.

-Honey Hole Angling


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