Springtime Investing


Springtime Investing

    The white bass are running as the weather is warming. WoodTip is still down at the ranch sipping bourbon-spiked coffee and minivans are pulling over to take photos in the bluebonnets. Record vaccines are being distributed and stimulus checks are arriving.

    As Texas reopens we simply have one suggestion. Invest. Call your favorite guide and get on the calendar. When people ask how ya spent the money you can confidently say “Oh, it’s all offshore”.

    Use your stimmy (as Gen Z calls it) to buy a new rod, reel, or sling pack from your neighborhood fly shop. Hell, buy a kayak if you received the full amount.

    If you’re set financially, purchase gear and donate it. There’s plenty of people still recovering financially and emotionally who could benefit from a trip on the water. You’ll be supporting small businesses at the same time.

    This probably sounds preachy but we guarantee ya the relationships you make will pay dividends for years.

    Also, helping others produces some of the best stories. “Dude, so you know those fly rods we donated to the local children’s hospital, those kids fished three golf courses and a decorative koi pond 😂”

Tight Lines,



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