Summertime is upon us. If you’re like most Texans, you’re telling ERCOT to get lost and cranking the AC lower than the Rangers win record. (Sorry baseball fans, my Diamondbacks suck too). 

    Although it’s hot as hell it’s only going to get worse so might as well make the best of it. The bass and redfish are hungry and if you need a break from the squelching heat then book that ticket to Montana or Idaho. 

    Finally, bring all your friends and family with you. 2020 put a damper on relationships whether you are socially distanced or not. Spending time with loved ones is what’s most important. 

    Except for Chad, who not only brought bananas on the boat but owns the trout setting on tarpon record, Joking, bring that dude, he’s a good sport and also foots the beer budget. 

Tight Lines, 



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