3 Ways to Save Money for a Destination Fly Fishing Trip

 3 Ways to Save Money for a Destination Fly Fishing Trip

    Unless you are inordinately wealthy, successful, or finally hit the jackpot on that gas station scratch-off, then you’ll probably have to budget for your next destination fly fishing trip, whenever that is. It takes careful planning, focus, and determination. Here’s a few ways to get started:

1 - Live with your parents

    Everyone calls millennials the boomerang generation like it’s a bad thing. Yes,maybe you’re rockin’ your folk's unfinished basement to the chagrin of your buddies but who’s gonna be laughing when your instagram is full of Bonefish, Tarpon, and Permit and they are red with jealousy. It’s all about priorities.

2 - Stop Contributing to Retirement

    I’m not saying forever, just for a few months. We’ll probably get a few letters from financial advisors telling us how unwise this is, but one truth in this postmodern world is you can’t buy your time back, No matter how hard you try.

3- Join a Multi Level Marketing Company

    This will likely burn all of your personal relationships when you reach out to talk about “The new business venture I’d like to share with you” but if you play your cards right, essential oils could end up buying you a plane ticket to Belize, Alaska, New Zealand, or the Seychelles. Plus it will be interesting convo when you’re sitting next to a hedge fund manager on the carrier plane to the lodge.


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