4 Tips to Build Relationships with Fishing Guides

 Tips to Build Relationships with Fishing Guides

1 - Have Realistic Expectations

Yes, we know you want to ball out of control and catch that monster fish to throw up on social media so you can get the dopamine hit from all the likes……...but that's rarely the reality. There are a billion factors outside both of your control so it’s best to just relax, enjoy the day, and work together as a team toward the goal. 

2 - Ask for Recommendations

Similar to point number one, especially when you travel, it’s tempting to want to chase a certain species. However, it is VERY important to consult your guide on which fish they think has the highest success rate. This is not mandatory, but be honest if you will be okay chasing elusive fish (*cough* Permit *cough*)…..and may strike out…..after traveling 3,000 miles…..and spending 2 months of salary. 

3 - Freaking Tip Well. 

Unless the service is absolutely subpar, tip well. This individual just poled you around on a flat skiff for 8 hours listening to the story about how your girlfriend left you after your pet iguana “Sparky” was run over by an oilfield truck. So whether or not you are successful, they did a crap ton of work. Be appreciative. It's not an easy job. And by appreciative, we mean give them money.  

4 - Refer Them Clients

Tell people to fish with them; co-workers, fishing buddies, parents, random people at the airport wearing fly gear. All good prospects. Unless it’s your cousin Bubba who thinks bait casters are better than fly rods and can’t tell a trout from a catfish…..maybe avoid referring that guy. 



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