Why All Outdoorsman Should Be Vegan

     Alright, now that I have your attention we can proceed. Not sure who actually read these but hopefully it’s not just Landon telling me all my grammatical errors. 

    Deer season is coming up. We’re going opening weekend (Shoutout to Landon’s Dad) and as much as I want a buck I’m looking forward to all the jokes, stories, and generally good-natured harassment we give each other. Topics will likely include work, football, music, and if the Astros are going to pull it off this year (without cheating). We’ll no doubt get into some spirited arguments about whether outdoor influencers are trust funders (most are) and they will give me crap for still not having a bird dog. As the holidays approach I’ve been thinking a lot about family. 

    I lost my grandmother 2 weeks ago. My brother showed up at my house and said “we gotta go to San Antonio to say goodbye”. She passed a few hours later. I texted the group and the guys immediately offered their condolences and offered me a place to stay. Did I mention this was at 11pm on a Sunday?

    I spent most of the Monday after she passed sitting on my front porch, crying, drinking coffee, and reflecting on all the memories we shared. All the guys called and/or texted to check up on me. I didn’t say much but it meant the world. 

    So whether or not you come from a stable home, a broken home, or were raised by wolves, spend time with your family. In many cases, they are blood-related but some are just those who truly care about you. 

    Life is short and we aren’t promised tomorrow. I don’t know much at 32 but I do know this. The true definition of family is the people who are there for you in the darkest times. Those who will help you when you lose a job, a loved one, have to move, or when you just break down physically and emotionally. 

    The other definition is those who will pass you toilet paper through the door crack when you are chained to the throne after a night of bad Mexican food. Those people are getting extra rewards in heaven. I guarantee it. 

Tight Lines, 



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