Holiday Cards


Deer season is officially upon us and hopefully, you got a whitetail. None of us did but the trip was fun regardless. I nearly froze to death from lack of preparation but a little suffering is always part of the experience, right?  The day after I returned I received a holiday card in the mail from friends who will remain nameless. Talk about being on the ball. Who the heck already has Thanksgiving and Christmas Cards mailed this early? So if you’re like me and will be sending them out on January 2nd, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  1. Family in full camo - Bonus points if the new baby and dog are dressed up as well. 

  1. Field-dressed deer wearing a Santa hat with a caption that reads “Merry Christmas from everyone but Rudolph who didn’t make it past opening day.” 

  1. Picture of a backstrap on the pellet smoker with the title “Seasonings Greetings.” 

  1. 4x4 decorated with ornaments and garish and a sign attached that says “The sleigh broke down.” 

  1. Mesquite/Cedar tree in the living room with full ornaments your family has collected for 3 generations. Just make sure no one is allergic. 

    If none of these work for ya then just use the good ‘ole “I’ll be home for Christmas, but I’ll be late because the deer blind needs work.”  

Happy Hunting, 

- Ian


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