What's on my Duck Lanyard?

Photo By Chris F from Pexels

    Asking a waterfowl guy what on his lanyard is kinda like asking what his preferred underpants are. It's a personal choice that varies based on his needs. Do you like that free-style commando life, that a single good mallard call provides, or do you prefer the safety and support of tighty-whities and having a specific call for each bird in your spread?

    For me, I prefer a modern approach of a supportive yet freeing boxer brief. Here are the 5 calls I'm rocking going into this season.

1) Here in Texas, Teal are prolific. I keep a Teal call on my lanyard year-round. There are many different Teal calls on the market but currently, the best one I've heard that is easy to blow for multiple species is my buddy Joe’s from JB Custom Calls.

2) It's always good to keep a whistle on hand. You never know when a group of pintails will fly over or you need to bust a drake whistle. Whistles are a very versatile tool to have from dove to duck. A whistle will last you all season long and is easy to give the new guy so that he can feel part of the calling process. Whistles are also a dime a dozen on the market and I haven't found that there is a lot of difference in the sound. Currently, I’m hanging on to a Duck Commander 6-n-1.

3) Gadwall Call - This one I’m a little hesitant to put on this list as I am in the process of changing what is currently hanging for a new call. But in the south Gray ducks are a staple and it's one of my favorite tasting ducks. I’ll keep a Gadwall call on my lanyard as a specific special call. Be careful what you buy, not all are created equal. Luckily most are reasonable in price so you can swap them out to find what fits. Currently, I have the Duck commander DCGW2 Gadwall Drake Call.

4) Wooden Mallard Call. I love my mallard calls. I have plenty of them for sure. I tend to keep two on my lanyard for different things. I'm rocking a Bodark TCA from JB Custom Calls. I don't grab my wood call all the time but I like it for its warmer, textured, softer sounds that I tend to get from a wood call.

5) My acrylic Mallard calls are most often grabbed. It's what I practice with the most. Again, I’m using a TCA from JB Custom Calls. It's loud, raspy, and has the ability to get subtle so you can softly call. This call is the swiss army knife of my lanyard.

    I’m sure some veteran waterfowl guys might have problems with this list, but it’s my lanyard... just like underpants it's a personal choice.



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